It took me far too long to write a review for this place. I came here with my 2 year old son to get an oil change in our Dodge Journey before we went to Disneyland. My 2 year old is not the most patient guy in the world, but they were so sweet to us and even gave him a little car (which he still plays with to this day). It was my first time here and I wanted to use a deal of a $20 oil change, when they gave me my receipt, it said $0. I was shocked! They clearly know how to treat new customers and I was so thankful because being a stay at home Mom $20 is a meal for us, I think it was more appreciated than they will know.

Unfortunately 2 things ended up being wrong with our car.. but they were honest in saying one of the things didn't have to be fixed right away..but definitely needed to be fixed semi-soon otherwise it could end up damaging the motor (which WAS true according to our mechanic friend in California). One of the problems ended up being worse than I think either of us thought and we had to get a friend to fix our car before we could even head back to vegas. All in all, they seem like a very trustworthy auto shop and when I have the money for the "it can wait a bit" problem, I will be going back to Elite for sure

christina r